Whether you are under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Labor (DOL), or any other federal regulatory or law enforcement agency, now is not the time to take risks with your situation. If you do not tread carefully, and if you end up making any of the common mistakes that most targets of federal investigations make when they are not represented by counsel, your business, your financial future, and your freedom could all be in serious jeopardy.

You Are Being Investigated by the Federal Government. Now What?

For most individuals and companies in the healthcare industry, federal investigations come as a surprise. As a result, they are not prepared to respond appropriately, and they lack the experience and guidance needed in order to successfully defend themselves against the government.

We Offer Decades of Experience and Proven Strategies for Success

At Oberheiden, P.C., we bring decades of experience to defending OIG subpoenas and federal investigations. As former federal prosecutors and having represented numerous healthcare providers in New Mexico and across the country, we know how to help you avoid both civil penalties and criminal prosecution. To this end, we have developed an “Emergency Defense Package” which incorporates proven steps to help our clients take immediate action and which has been recognized in the media nationwide.

If you are facing a federal investigation, you can count on the defense attorneys at Oberheiden, P.C. to build a comprehensive, strategic defense strategy to protect you. Call us at (888) 727-5159 to speak with one of our attorneys today.

This is What We Can Do to Help

Defending Compound Pharmacy Fraud Investigations

As the compound pharmacy industry makes its resurgence, federal investigators are watching closely for potential signs of fraud. Compound pharmacies in New Mexico and throughout the United States are currently facing heightened scrutiny, and overbilling, performing unnecessary compounding, and providing kickbacks are just a few of the practices that are likely to lead to federal investigations.

Defending DOL Investigations

The DOL investigates a wide variety of types of healthcare fraud, often in conjunction with the OIG and the United States Postal Service. As with all other types of healthcare fraud investigations, targets of DOL investigations face the possibility of civil liabilities and criminal punishment. At Oberheiden, P.C., we center on keeping our clients investigations civil in order to keep prison time and other criminal penalties off of the table.

Defending Hospice Care Fraud Investigations

The federal government has recently ratcheted up its enforcement efforts against hospice care providers as well. With half of all Medicare patients dying in hospice care, the OIG, CMS, and other agencies are focused on ensuring that these providers do not take advantage of their patients in order to defraud the government. The penalties for Medicare fraud can include civil fines of up to $11,000 for each individual false reimbursement claim.

Defending Home Health Fraud Investigations

There are a number of errors both intentional and unintentional that can lead to federal investigations for home health fraud. The government often targets fast-growing practices on the theory that if they are submitting more reimbursement claims than the average business, they must be doing something wrong. We can help demonstrate that any mistakes were the result of honest errors and not criminal conduct.

Defending Medicare Fraud Investigations

Hospitals, hospices, home health providers, medical labs, medical device companies, physicians, and pharmacies are just some of the individuals and businesses that face Medicare fraud investigations every year. If you are being investigated for Medicare fraud, you need to take your situation extremely seriously. At Oberheiden, P.C., we regularly defend healthcare businesses and their owners in Medicare fraud cases in New Mexico and nationwide.

Defending OIG Subpoenas

The OIG typically issues subpoenas in response to whistleblower lawsuits and in connection with ongoing healthcare fraud investigations. While sending some documents to the government may seem harmless, there are important reasons why you need to speak with an experienced attorney before you do anything in response to an OIG subpoena.

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