Marie H. Kondzielski

Marie H. Kondzielski
FBI Special Agent (Retired)
New York

Marie H. Kondzielski is a former Special Agent with the FBI and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) who assists clients in private and financial investigations involving the FBI, SEC, and the FTC.

FBI Career. FBI Special Agent Kondzielski is the Five-Time Recipient of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Law Enforcement Award for significant fraud investigations within the Central District of California and the FBI Medal of Excellence. She recently retired from the Los Angeles FBI after close to three decades of investigating financial crimes, SEC fraud schemes, and healthcare fraud.

Fraud Investigations. Ms. Kondzielski investigated numerous investment fraud, corporate fraud, and securities fraud cases in which the SEC or FTC had parallel civil proceedings building valuable working relationships with these and other agencies. Ms. Kondzielski often worked in collaboration with other agencies such as the SEC, the FTC, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Medical Board of California, the California Department of Insurance, and the IRS.  Ms. Kondzielski has significant experience in grand jury proceedings, trial testimony, evidence collection, and federal crime prosecutions involving market manipulation, insider trading, accounting fraud, Ponzi schemes, mass marketing fraud, money laundering, asset forfeiture, bank fraud, embezzlement and healthcare fraud.

Client Services. Ms. Kondzielski offers clients a forensic, analytical, and investigative understanding of fraud schemes— and fraud prevention. When businesses or individuals are served an SEC subpoena, FTC subpoena, grand jury subpoena, or other notice that they are part of a federal investigation, they rely on retired FBI Special Agent Kondzielski’s extensive law enforcement experience, well-earned reputation of excellence, and the insights she will share with clients after 28 years on the frontline with the FBI. In addition to helping clients respond to federal investigations, Ms. Kondzielski advises clients in fraud identification and prevention, audits, and internal corporate investigations.

Education. Ms. Kondzielski is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a licensed Private Investigator (PI) in the State of California. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Ms. Kondzielski operates in the Los Angeles area of California. She is the principal of Marie Kondzielski & Associates.