Should your company face any lawsuit kind, regardless of being the defendant or plaintiff, it would be wise to assemble a knowledgeable litigation team that possesses the skills and capabilities needed to obtain a valid and favorable result. This is inclusive of in-house subject matter professionals, company leaders, as well as outsiders, qualified professional litigation in federal court, and complex litigation. Oberheiden P.C. represents professional local companies as well as across the state entities in Houston business litigation.

Hiring an Oberheiden P.C. attorney will assure you of devoted practice to aid your company in making witty decisions as well as mitigate risks via strategic plans and execution. Oberheiden P.C. team in Houston is inclusive of former high federal agents, affiliated counsel, and litigation lawyers that provide unmatched invaluable knowledge and offer litigation consultation to clients. It is crucial to note that the law firm choice you make matters highly should your company face a dispute which promptly needs solving or if its viability and reputation are at risk. Oberheiden P.C. is trusted and relied on by several companies across Texas and the country generally due to these reasons:

  • Only senior professional attorneys are hired at Oberheiden P.C. It is noteworthy that only senior professional legal practitioners are engaged, which makes Oberheiden PC peculiar. Most of these Oberheiden P.C. litigators have served previously as high trial legal practitioners at the Justice Department and Attorney’s Office in the U.S.
  • We possess in-house experts in litigation counseling. Apart from the senior solicitor team, there is also another team of highly experienced litigation consultants.
  • At Oberheiden P.C., we are extensively experienced and knowledgeable in federal and state court. With combined experience and expertise, our litigation solicitors have handled thousands, if not hundreds of cases, at their trial levels as well as resolved many complex disputes via out-side court negotiations.
  • When we handle high business litigation stakes, we do it to the best of our interest since it’s a considerable portion of our practice. Compared to other firms that typically handle low-level issues, Oberheiden P.C. practice is highly devoted to representing professionals, board members, executives as well as companies should their future be at risk.
  • Oberheiden P.C. litigation consultants and lawyers are always available 24/7 because the cases’ nature handled need work round the clock tirelessly. However, that does not hinder Oberheiden P.C. consultants to handle all business litigation cases to satiate clients professionally.

Oberheiden P.C. Handles All Business Disputes In-State as well as the Federal Court

Should you require any business litigation counseling in Houston, you are highly encouraged to contact Oberheiden P.C. regardless of the situation. Oberheiden P.C. business litigation solicitors handle professionally every business dispute type, including member, partner, and shareholder disputes.

Occurring disputes amongst limited liability company members, partners, and corporate shareholders might arise in vast contexts and can possess enormous potential implications range. Besides, Oberheiden P.C. also represents several derivative litigation corporate entities, which are an eccentric litigation area that needs an unusual approach. Hence Oberheiden P.C. litigation barristers and counsel in Houston possess the insights and experience your company requires to obtain favorable resolutions.

Contract Disputes

Oberheiden P.C. besides represents companies that are facing contract disputes which involve various agreement types. With representing clients and experienced counseling in multiple industries, our attorneys can effectively culminate their legal knowledge into informed decision making to aid clients speedily in the strategies they need to undertake. Oberheiden P.C. attorneys possess secured many favorable trial verdicts as well as pre-trial outcomes in all contract disputes that involve:

  • Payment failure
  • Performance failure
  • Confidentiality breach, non-solicitation, and non-competition covenants
  • Warranties and representation breaches
  • Insurance and indemnification claims
  • Service Level Agreement, license as well as other disputes on contracts
  • Disputes on Mandatory ADR, Governing Law License, et al.
  • Intellectual property issues

Alleged infringers and IP owners might face immediate concerns in case they face claims on intellectual property infringements. It is wise for owners to act to maintain their IP exclusive right’s value swiftly. Also, alleged infringers need to defend against the temporary injunctive reliefs’ motions hurriedly. This is why Oberheiden P.C. has a litigation team that represents IP litigation clients that involve all intangible asset types. This is inclusive of fro marketing strategies to popular brands and from simple software code to a creative media. The experience interpolated in Oberheiden P.C. litigators has helped in successful client representations in all litigation that involve:

  • Trade secrets
  • Trade dress
  • Proprietary information
  • Patents
  • Corporate espionage, privacy, and hacking cases.
  • Copyrights
  • Service marks and trademarks

If a company is targeted by corporate espionage and hackers who breach data privacy, then the company will face huge losses. Therefore it is only but wise to take appropriate legal measures which are crucial to mitigate long term damages. Apart from the company litigation representation, Oberheiden P.C. can help with all data privacy compliances and breach response aspects and perspectives. Data is a very crucial asset for several companies, and they will do whatever it takes to protect their data. Oberheiden P.C. attorneys will ascertain that your company’s public reputation, financial standing as well as data are unequivocally secured per se.

Cases of Business Fraud

To obtain a rewarding result in fraud litigation, it will require a thorough comprehension of the risks involved by those legal issues. In case your company was accused of fraud or was defrauded, you will imminently require skilled and professional legal representations. This will help in resolving the problem and consequently moving forward. Oberheiden P.C litigation consultants and senior attorneys possess extensive expertise in all fraud case types inclusive of allegations of insurance, corporate, contract, consumer, and bank fraud.

Tortious Interferences Claims

It is noteworthy that a Tortious interference case has the potential of presenting a lot of challenges, and Oberheiden P.C. is positioned uniquely to overcome this precisely. The Oberheiden P.C. team has all it takes to counteract all this by conducting thorough investigations as well as discovery to collect crucial pieces of evidence that will convince counterparties that the company has a great interest in resolving the allegation and moving on peacefully. Trust you, the team can do this at friendly prices and yet achieve a commendable result that will impress you.

Employee Claims as well as Claims Against the Employees

Unique challenges are also present in employment litigation. As companies take legal measures to safeguard themselves, they also have to be conscious of the potential risks that can occur due to employees who air complaints on all social media platforms and workforces that could turn against them. It is for this reason that the Oberheiden P.C. team can efficiently represent employers when they face any of the employment litigation types in the state as well as federal levels. This is inclusive of litigation in the federal and state courts and administrative proceedings across Texas before the agencies, Texas Workforce Commission, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The teams’ experience needed includes securing impeccable results for employers in all matters concerning an hour and wage disputes, infringement and IP ownership disputes, wrongful termination, and harassment and discrimination, claims litigation.

Securities and Antitrust Law Claims

Clients in the securities and antitrust litigation can face serious repercussions, and that is why Oberheiden P.C. attorneys represent such litigation between the private parties. Also, the attorneys have vast experience and expertise in representing clients in all compliance matters and proceedings. Should your company face allegations pertaining violation of securities and antitrust laws, or should the company get harmed by statutory violations of another company, then the attorneys can culminate its experience to protect the company’s interest once and for all wholly.

Oberheiden P.C. Represents Companies on Urgency Basis if Need Be

Some disputes might establish with time. However, other cases need no time wastage. Should your company face an emergency that requires drastic measures, then Oberheiden P.C. lawyers will provide representation immediately in Houston and across the entire country.

The firm’s emergency litigation provides legal representations in urgent matters like when:

  • A former employee, a competitor, or a start-up uses your company’s intellectual property, proprietary information, and brand.
  • Contract counterparties have threatened or committed a breach that poses potential negative repercussions to the company.
  • You uncovered potential large-scale fraudulence that is perpetrated against the company or agents or employees who purport to act on behalf of the company.
  • The information technology (aka IT) infrastructure of your company was hacked or if there was a compromise of sensitive info.
  • Reports or news media damages your company’s information or if someone makes misleading and false statements on the social media of your company.
  • The company uncovered harmful information that could lead to substantial exposure.
  • The company faces a motion or has been sued for speedy injunctive relief in Houston federal district or state court

Talk to a Houston Business Litigation Attorney

Having exhaustingly discussed business litigation in Houston, Texas, it is noteworthy that Oberheiden P.C. possesses several offices in Texas and represents various companies across the state as well as business litigations federally. The Oberheiden P.C. team in Houston is available whenever you need to talk about your company’s needs. Remember, the legal representation choice matters when your company’s goodwill, financial assets, or IP assets are on the line. Oberheiden P.C. affiliated counsel and business litigation solicitors are ready to act to safeguard your company immediately. Contact online or call 888-519-4897 to get a free assessment of your case in Houston.