Ellen Comley

Senior Counsel
Phone: (888) 680-1745

Ms. Ellen Comley dedicates her practice to vigorously defending healthcare providers against audits, subpoenas, and government investigations.

Ms. Comley understands what is important to every physician: maintaining their license and their good reputation. In hundreds of cases, Ms. Comley has safely navigated medical doctors of every specialty, psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists, nurses, physical therapists, counselors and others through challenging audits by private health insurance carriers, CMS (Medicare and Medicaid), as well as a large selection of government intermediaries such as Qlarant, AdvanceMed, Noridian, and SafeGuard Services.

In addition to individual providers and physician groups, Ms. Comley has successfully represented some of the largest hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, home health and hospice groups against allegations of billing fraud, healthcare fraud, violations of the False Claims Act, in Anti-Kickback investigations across the country. Together with her team of former FBI and OIG agents, Ms. Comley has defended providers and healthcare businesses against CIDs (Civil Investigative Demand), Grand Jury Subpoenas, Target Letters, and interview requests by the FBI, the DEA, the OIG, ICE, the IRS, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Department of Homeland Security.

As a healthcare provider, your license is your livelihood. Keeping you in practice is our number one goal. If you are faced with an audit from a CMS contractor, a request for records from a government entity or a license suspension notice, effective action is needed to address these concerns. Just because you have been put on notice of a pending investigation or audit does not mean you are guilty of what the government is alleging. Ms. Comley undertakes a diligent and swift approach to stop audits and investigations in their tracks.