From our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Oberheiden P.C. successfully represents both local and out-of-state companies to navigate complex business litigation issues. If your company is facing litigation, let our team of senior litigators and experienced former federal agents fight for you.

The ability to make both cost-effective and strategic decisions while under pressure is never easy. It often requires an extensive understanding of all the financial, legal, and practical circumstances involved. Knowing exactly what your risk of exposure is when facing litigation cannot be underestimated. If you do not understand precisely what is it stake, how can you possibly plan a defense or understand what claims are available?

To protect the best interests of their shareholders, employees, and their company, CEOs need to feel confident that they are making the right decisions. This is why so many companies in Dallas choose to retain the services of Oberheiden P.C.

Oberheiden P.C. is a business litigation law firm who are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Composed of senior attorneys and personnel such as partners who formerly worked as federal agents. Working together they ensure all our clients are provided with the best litigation strategies, discoveries, due-diligence, and investigations in preparation for any pending litigation. Our decision to run our teams on a fully integrated in-house basis has offered us an unparalleled opportunity to provide our clients with efficient and strategic choices that can all be made in real-time. This tried and tested process allows our team can remain focused on protecting our client’s best interests and keeping them on a forward trajectory.

The members of our business litigation team include:

  • Nick Oberheiden, Founding Attorney
  • John W. Sellers, formally of the DOJ
  • Lynette S. Byrd, Partner, former AUSA
  • Elizabeth K. Stepp, Partner
  • Roger Bach, Formerly of the DOJ and OIG, special agent
  • Chris J. Quick, Former IRS, and FBI special agent
  • Ray Yuen, Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent

Our team has handled numerous complicated business litigation letters both in federal and state courts. We handle all types of business disputes, anything that involves owners, executives, competitors, customers, employees, and vendors. We are capable of handling cases in Dallas, statewide, and even nationwide. We also have a very favorable record regarding out of court settlements and negotiations as well as the use of ADRs (alternative dispute resolution) proceedings.

We regularly represent our clients in matters that include partner, member, or shareholder disputes. Such serious disagreements between business owners can and do disrupt their operation and in some cases directly threaten a company’s financial well-being and long term viability.

Finding of a successful resolution that protects the integrity of your business should be your number one priority. if talks between company owners appear to be at an impasse a different approach may be needed. Such as pursuing mediation or negotiating a buyout. If need be, we are ready to fight in the courts to save your business by exercising the rights granted by your partner, shareholder, or member agreements.

Litigation involving shareholder derivatives presents a unique set of challenges and risks. Forward-thinking and strategic planning is needed to achieve the most favorable outcomes while litigating such disputes. Unless a trial is unavoidable, and we often find that it is in the best interests of all parties concerned to come to a mutually agreeable outcome. We will work with you to try to achieve this without the need for any form of litigation; the specific circumstances of your case will dictate the best route to resolving the dispute.

Breaches of Contract

Breaches of contracts can result in a broad range of issues, and they arise due to a variety of scenarios. in the past, we have represented companies in contract disputes with their suppliers, clients, executives, customers, vendors and employees these cases have involved

Breaches of performance and payment obligations

Such disputes arise from many different reasons from misunderstandings about the financial inability to perform to contract interpretations

Breaches of confidentiality

Such issues we usually have permanent intermediate ramifications to prevent additional harm under cover damage. An immediate response is warranted.

Breaches of non-solicitation and non-competition covenants

Any such breach can cause your company significant financial loss. Our team of attorneys has gained considerable litigation experience do your thing with non-solicitation and non-compete disputes both in Texas and nationwide.

Breaches of indemnification obligations, representations, and warranties.

These clauses are usually critical risk shifting in most commercial contracts. Our team I’ve helps clients enforce such requirements or challenge the enforcement of such provisions and in a wide variety of scenarios.

Breach of crucial terms such as SLA (Service Level Agreements) and licenses

A figure to meet an SLA or a serious license violation regularly leads to a significant loss of revenue for contracting parties. The ability to enforce these contractual rights both in Dallas and beyond will strengthen the resolve and financial stability of your business.

The Misappropriation and Infringement of intellectual Property (IP) rights

Infringement of intellectual property rights can result in disputes with extraordinarily high stakes on the line many of these cases result in respective parties holding deeply entrenched positions. We have helped our clients both protect their IP assets and fight allegations of misappropriation of infringement involving the following.

  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Proprietary information
  • Trade dress
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademarks and service marks

Corporate Espionage, Hacking, and Privacy

Due to the nature of the world we live in today, business litigation involving corporate espionage, privacy issues, and hacking has become far more prevalent. Our team of former federal agents, who have been at the forefront of these issues for decades, having investigated and litigated a wide variety of white-collar cases long before joining our firm.

Their experience has proven vital as we have successfully litigated numerous disputes and this particular area achieving notable victory used to either injunctive relief, pretrial motions, or other remedies.

Business Fraud

Allegations of fraud come in various forms, successfully litigating such claims requires a particular skill set. We have successfully represented our clients in litigation cases involving all types of fraud.

Including fraudulent inducement claims, mortgage, insurance, and bank fraud. To bring these fraud litigation cases to impose successfully, we have depended heavily on the experience of both our delegation consultants and attorneys in previous high-level federal law enforcement matters. Welderup the differences between federal law enforcement and civil litigation, the principals at play are similar. This allows us the ability to strategically advise our clients using the insights games from decades on the front line handling high stakes and large scale fraud cases.

Tortious Interference

Visitation involved in tortious interference often consists of a variety of contracts based on common law claims the issues of these cases tend to be extremely complicated. As a result, to achieve the most favorable outcome, we need to take all the trail back to the strategic approach, and this is where skills of a Dallas-based litigation team come to the fore, and they excel.

Employment Litigation

Litigation involving employees is quite common in the business world, and we have gained extensive experience both representing our clients at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) in administrative proceedings, in court litigations, in front of the Texas Workforce Commission, and other state and federal agencies. We have represented employers in Texas in matters such as

In addition to disputes between commercial entities, we also serve business clients in employment litigation. This includes trial court litigation as well as administrative proceedings before the (EEOC), the Texas Workforce Commission, and other federal and state agencies.

  • Equal pay discrimination
  • Contracting employment
  • Infringement an IP ownership
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Hourly wage disputes
  • Wrongful termination cases

Securities and Antitrust Litigation

Ant in a dispute involving antitrust is securities. The issues can be very complex; another result the steaks very high. Retaining the services of our litigation consultants and senior attorneys will position you to tackle any securities and trust issues that may arise. They have the capacity and resources to answer any large-scale litigation needs in both a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Litigation

Disputes involving mergers and acquisitions tend to arise at the most convenient times, mainly just before closing. These issues require defective and time-efficient resolutions. We can handle all your posts and pre-close how many disputes both in Texas and nationwide. Working hand-in-hand with our clients to help them pursue strategies and maybe identify their priorities to preserve their long-term business goals. When it comes to resolving any pre-closure M&A disputes, reaching an amicable resolution is generally desirable. This is why our teams of agents and attorneys work diligently to secure leverage that allows you to propose both practical and creative solutions to ensure your deal remains on track to close.

Emergency Litigation

A large portion of our practice is dedicated to providing our clients with support regarding emergency notification. Should your company find itself in crisis, we are ready willing and able to take action immediately to offset any unnecessary losses. We expertly handle emergencies and have both defense and plaintiff counsel. We have a track record swiftly achieving provisional relief in both state and federal courts. If time is of the essence do not hesitate to contact us let our business litigation team get working for you today

Please contact the Business Litigation Team at Oberheiden P.C. if you require either legal representation or advice. All communications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.