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federal criminal law defenseWe understand that few things in life are more concerning than being accused of a crime. In such a situation, it is critical to have lawyers by your side that you can rely on and that have an action plan based on experience and prior success. When you are facing an indictment or even jail time, when you are about to lose your business and everything you have built for yourself and for your family, you need lawyers that have criminal law experience and, at the same time, understand your industry. In times of crisis, you simply do not have the time to explain billing, coding, certifications, or other nuances of your professional industry to your attorneys. You must expect your defense lawyer to have utmost familiarity with all aspects of applicable healthcare rules and, instead of researching the law, be ready to immediately initiate your defense.

The criminal and trial attorneys of the Oberheiden, P.C. offer this needed mix of aggressive criminal defense and healthcare experience to our clients. Some of us used to be in charge of healthcare prosecutions on behalf of the Department of Justice, others look back at a distinct and successful career of having helped hundreds of healthcare clients, and all of us work as one team bringing our joint experience, our passion, sophistication, and innovative strategies to the client’s rescue.

Trial Experience

If the question arises, the decision to accept a plea agreement or to go to trial is a tough one. We know from our clients that join us from previous lawyers that a lot of attorneys seem to suggest a plea even when the client feels that they have done nothing wrong. Clearly, we are not one of those firms. Moreover, we carefully evaluate the client’s case, we look at every detail, every potential piece of evidence out there, every witness that could be called to testify for or against our client, to then make an informed decision in favor or against trial.

Many lawyers say they are trial lawyers. Few are, and even fewer have ever argued a complex federal healthcare fraud case to a jury. When you look at our trial experience, you will see that we are true trial attorneys. Look around and compare. Our trial experience encompasses more than a hundred jury trials and even more bench trials. Our lawyers were lead counsel in some of the largest, most complex, most prominent, and most watched trials in U.S. history.

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