Healthcare & Medicare Fraud Defense
Law Firm

Audits & Compliance. Oberheiden, P.C. assists clients with provider audits and regulatory compliance questions. Many of our medicare fraud defense attorneys are former senior government officials and have first hand insight and knowledge as to how to respond to a Medicare audit or how to set up an effective compliance program. With many hundreds of healthcare clients advised, we understand the nuances of Stark Law, False Claims Act, and Anti-Kickback concerns, and we know how to structure arrangements without attracting government scrutiny.

Investigations. We have an extensive track record of successfully resolving government investigations. In fact, a great number of civil and criminal healthcare investigations led by OIG, FBI, DEA, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Defense (DOD), and the Department of Labor (DOL) against our clients have resulted in dismissals. Specifically, Oberheiden, P.C. has obtained no civil and no criminal liability results for our clients in the following industries and capacities:

  • Healthcare Business Owners
  • Physicians & Physician Syndications
  • Lawyers
  • Hospice Care & Home Healthcare
  • Toxicology Laboratories
  • Hospital & Surgery Centers
  • Healthcare Marketing Groups
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Surgery Implant Companies
  • Physical Therapy Groups

Our Services. Instead of worrying about their future, we want our clients to move on with their lives and to focus on their business. We will deal with the government and we will get the job done. Routinely, we assist in the following healthcare areas:

  • Medicare & Tricare Audits
  • OIG Subpoenas
  • Grand Jury Subpoena
  • Qui Tam Defense
  • False Claims Act Investigations
  • Stark Law Defense
  • Medicare, Tricare, DOL Fraud Allegations
  • Law Enforcement Interviews (e.g. FBI)
  • CMS Exclusion Avoidance & Re-Enrollment
  • Voluntary Self-Disclosures
  • Telemedicine & Telehealth
  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Bond Hearings
  • Criminal Law Defense

We accept clients from across the nation and we have been involved in healthcare cases in California, Florida, New York, Washington D.C., Oregon, New Jersey, South Carolina, Iowa, Wyoming, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Mississippi, and Texas, to name just a few.